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Lollynet llc and its wholly owned subsidiary the StoryBookPress are part of a family of companies that promote entertainment, fun, writing, authorship, and publication of hardcover books, e-books and electronic media such as electronic apps for I-pad as well as other virtual gaming projects.

Our publishing arm the StoryBookPress includes such services as:

Editorial Development:

Concept development: We would help you to figure out your format and your approach for translating your particular expertise, skill, and or talent that you may have into marketable works or manuscripts so they would be ready to go to print.
Proposal development: We would help you throughout the process of your creating a proposal, and or sample materials that would be most effective for professional presentation of your work.
Editorial review: We are also available to you throughout your entire writing process. In this respect, we could work in an adjunct role with an editor at your already contracted publishing house, or we may wish to provide you with our own in-house editorial service in anticipation of our choosing to publish your work ourselves.

Business Representation:

Negotiation: We are able to negotiate the sale or license of rights to your work, and or advocate on your behalf throughout your entire pre and post publication process.
Preparation of contracts: We are able to prepare and or review contracts for your approval and signature.
Financial management: We are able to examine your royalty statement, collect monies due you from U.S. and foreign publishers, pay you promptly, and handle all tax reporting documents for the U.S. and foreign countries.

Collaborating Writers:

Matchmaking: We may identify writers who based upon your background and interests would be able to work effectively with our publishing arm of the StoryBookPress which is a wholly owned subsidiary of LollyNet llc ( http://www.Lollynetllc.com ).
Guidance: We are able to lead and guide experts, authors and new writers throughout all aspects of the road to publication of their works. It is all a collaborative process. We are able to provide a sample contract and assistance with proposal development.

Publicity & Marketing Strategy:

Strategic Planning: We are able to work with clients and or collaborate with other publishers to develop a strategic plan for publicity and marketing. Or we may choose to publish and promote your works ourselves.
Matchmaking: We may be able to identify and to collaborate with other independent publicists for clients, and or assist them throughout the publication process.
Placement: We do have special contacts in many areas that may enable us to help our contracted authors place their stories, manuscripts, articles and or other materials and works in a position for publication by ourselves or other publishing houses.

Lollynet llc was founded in 1993.
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